Extensions for write.as (in Chrome store)

A couple of useful Chrome extensions for write.as

  1. Write.as for Chrome
  2. Upload to Snap.as (needs a pro account)

Snap.as extension

The snap.as extension looks useful. Instead of going into snap.as, uploading an image and then getting the url and adding to your post to show an image, you can just drag and drop onto the extension popup and it will upload to snap.as and return the url for write.as.

“A quick way to upload your photos to Snap.as — a simple photo sharing service — made especially for writers publishing on Write.as. Just open the extension, drag a photo in, and the Markdown will be copied to your clipboard. Then, simply paste it in any Markdown-enabled editor.”

Write.as extension

This extension is also on Github, but has not been updated for several years (6 at last look...).


I'd check out the other write.as repo's for write.as as Matt is pretty busy supporting these great platforms. A lot of stuff is written in the language “GO” so if you are not familiar with GO – look into it!

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