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Looking for blurb on Redirects for HTTPS...?

Ok so nothing special just a dumping ground for an interesting article on setting up .htaccess to do some https redirects.

Reminiscing – “those were the days...”

Started talking to a colleague about the 'olden days'. Disaster I know to get me on that subject.

But to put this into context, I'm a IT techie of the 80's. You know the days when computers were just, well, fucking exciting! We were discovering things, right at the operating system level. We were explorers, LOL.


TiddlyWiki – the easy to use Wiki that works in your browser!

What is TiddlyWiki?

TiddlyWiki is an open source project created by [Jeremy Ruston][jeremyrushton]


Create, edit, publish animated GIFs free with this great tool.

What is not to like about this tool. Firstly it’s free, but even if it wasn’t I’d buy it! It creates animated gifs from your screen, capturing an area, tab, screen or whatever you like.

You can easily edit the final result. The source is Open source on GitHub


This relates to transferring a .UK TLD (top level domain)

When you are transferring domains from one registrar to another, they always ask for the IPS-TAG. This is the unique name for the registrar (domain name management) you are transferring to.


Florin Pop

Does some insane quick projects on Youtube by streaming his content. It sometimes goes over days and is very captivating.

You can learn a lot from listening and watching his thought processes for projects (mostly javascript and PHP with some frameworks).



Both by Automattic, Simplenote ( is a wonderful FREE notes app that allows tagging, Markdown markup, sharing, exporting and a lot more.

It works on All devices including mobiles and syncs wonderfully. THE app to make notes and share and have on everything. Did I say it was FREE! :)

Wordpress Desktop

Wordpress (the great blogging and general CMS system) have a Desktop version ( along with mobile and other versions of their interface.

The great thing about this is that you can work offline or just have it running on your desktop all day, adding notes to posts. When you are ready you can just publish. That easy.


Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down button for at least 8 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo. Still need help? Plug your iPod into power, then try again.

#markdown #example

I use this as an example page for markdown, a reference if you will.


Stuff today... Wget, Write.As syntax

WGet for getting web page locally!

Using Wget a lot today to download completed copies of web pages to work on locally. My Syntax is:

wget --adjust-extension --span-hosts --convert-links --backup-converted --no-directories --no-cache --timestamping --page-requisites --directory-prefix=public_html --no-check-certificate -e robots=off --output-file=logfile.txt <url of website page to get>

Seems to work. It will mirror the page and relevant images/files to your local hard disk so that you can create a copy.


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