Backing up phone images using Google Photos

So, I'm using Google Photos to backup my phone. Have done for a long time.

Why Google Photos

Well it's easy and quick. Works in the back ground and means I can access all my photos in one place, online on any device.

Google Photos – Great right?

Sort of... the thing is Google stores photo's in a format called HEIC which is fine but of course not perfect. HEIC format images and video are very effecient – which is great; just not very common.

Generally this means that when I want to download some images to my local PC and then either use on the web or anything else I have to go through another process to convert the images to .jpg or other format.

What about HEIC format files?

You can convert HEIC to JPG by importing into your favourite image editor (perhaps Photoshop) and then exporting in whichever format you want. On the PC (or MAC) there are plenty of programs to do this in bulk, by selecting files, right clicking and then converting.

One thing to remember with Google Photos, is to go into your Google Settings and make sure you select: Upload Size: Original Quality. This will stop Google down sampling your images to save space (as the itunes backup does!).

Speaking of iTunes... Why do I use Google Photos rather than iTunes?

Reasons I like using Google Photos:

  1. Easier to use and setup
  2. Does not down sample images (see above re: settings)
  3. Very easy to share with friends and family
  4. Very easy to edit online
  5. Works 'out of the box' with all phones
  6. Easy to backup if you need ALL your photos
  7. Auto albums and memories
  8. Photos are easy to print and created printed albums
  9. Storage with Google is CHEAP!

I guess iTunes does the albums and sorting 'thing' – just not as good a Google.